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What's a content management system (CMS)?

A content management system is software that keeps track of every piece of content on your Website, much like your local public library keeps track of books and stores them. Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it is customer friendly. Since the CMS manages all your content, you don't have to.

WordPress & Joomla Websites

All our websites are custom built and designed specifically to the Joomla and Wordpress open source platform. WordPress and Joomla were originally developed as blogging software, but given the huge popularity of these platforms they are now one of the best and most user-friendly CMS systems out there.

If WordPress is excellent to be used for a blog Joomla Platform is better to create webpages without blog or mixing different parts of it. Furthermore, you can manage the contents of your Wordpress or Joomla website easily without requiring extensive technical knowledge. The editing of the text and images on the website is very simple and you are not dependent on a web designer if you want a change something on the website.

All our WordPress and Joomla websites are delivered with clear instructions, and if you have any questions then you can always email us.

Lifetime warranty on our Websites

We also provide maintenance and backups of your WordPress or Joomla website so that your website is always secure and up to date. We provide a lifetime warranty on operations, as long as the website is hosted with us, and you have the website in our maintenance.


If you are interested in a unique WordPress or Joomla website, you can request a quote here